About The Project

We’re an open-source team making The Bahamas' COVID-19 data available at the touch of your fingertips.

What’s This About?

This project has a simple goal: making public data on COVID-19 (Coronavirus) in The Bahamas available, accessible and consumable.

Finding information on a global pandemic and how it affects your country shouldn’t be that hard, but here we are. The Bahamas is not a real place.

Even more so, being able to access that data on your desktop, your tablet or your mobile device shouldn’t require downloading files and hogging up precious space… that’s what the web is for.

Besides, it’s 2021. Ain't nobody got time for that!

Who’s It For?


It’s our hope that whether it’s viewing this site directly or accessing the API, everybody can use it: over breakfast, eating lunch, planning dinner… you see where this is going.

We’re also hoping that this data will be beneficial to institutions — like hospitals, research labs, colleges and universities — that rely on data like this to create models, forecasts and projections.

It’s even being used to help teach high school kids how to code.

So… everybody.

Help Us Out?

Well, nothing in life is really free and there’s so much more that we’d like to do, but it takes time, effort and money.

We need your support to dedicate our time and effort to keep updating, developing and maintaining this site and the API with all available COVID-19 Case Report and COVID-19 Vaccination Update data, add new features and just old fashioned pay the bills — this thing’s coming outta' pocket.

Your help can help us continue making this resource available to you and the rest of The Bahamas.

Learn more about how you can sponsor us...

Don’t Have Money?

Hey, that’s ok. There are ways that you can help, too.

Join others who have supported the API and have dedicated time and effort to entering and uploading report data.

If you’re wondering… yes, it requires a bit of code.

Can you do it?

Oh, hell yeah.

We’ve had coders and non-coders alike working and learning together to make this project awesome and a resource for all.

If you become a contributor, your name — linked to your personal website or social media profile, if you’d like — will be added to the homepage and show up on each report that you filled out.

It looks good on the résumé.

Trust us.

By now, we hope that you’re just a little curious and wanting to become a contributor. Hop on over to the repository on GitHub follow the instructions and get started.

Upcoming Features

We’re working to make this site even better. Here are some of the upcoming features that we’re working on:

Support The API

While love makes the world go round, money greases the wheels. Help us keep this project going and fund future developments with a donation.

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